Lead me, my Lord! From darkness to light. From untruth to truth. From mortality to immortality.

O my Lord! Please stay here. Bless us all. Bless all those who come here and all people everywhere in the world.

Let Nature be your teacher, Enough of science and of Art, Come forth and bring with you a heart, That watches and receives.

Let the noble thoughts come to us from each and every corner of the cosmos.


Special information

Examinations are unavoidable part of education. It plays an important role in the life of a student. There shall be only two examinations Summative First and Summative Second according to CCE programme under CBSE curriculum every year. In addition to these examinations, formaive assessments in different subjects are conducted, regularly in classes. Students are directed to be prepared for the exams very wisely. They should place the demanded knowledge at the proper place on the answer sheet. They have to do better and better for which they have to find their routes very personal. All dues to a student must be paid before the exams otherwise he or she would be exempted from the exam.

Examination (2017-2018)

Each session is deivided into two semesters in which 40% will be asked in the former and 60% in the latter. Each semester will consist of two formative assessments and one summative assessment. Each formative assessment will consist of many rounds of small class tests based on Oral, MCQ, project, partially written and others. Following calendar is to be followed.
Class Section Enrolment
I-V 13 360
VI-VIII 12 450
IX-X 17 663

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