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Lead me, my Lord! From darkness to light. From untruth to truth. From mortality to immortality.

O my Lord! Please stay here. Bless us all. Bless all those who come here and all people everywhere in the world.

Let Nature be your teacher, Enough of science and of Art, Come forth and bring with you a heart, That watches and receives.

Let the noble thoughts come to us from each and every corner of the cosmos.

Principle Message

  • TO HONOURABLE PRESIDENT AND HONOURABLE SECRETARY-The school pays its best and heartiest offerings of reverence to the honourable president and the honourable secretary who have been guiding us very successfully since 1974 so we have touched the greatest height. Their greatness is beyond description. May you be so kind for good !
  • TO THE EXECUTIVE MEMBERS – May you live long ! May your fruitful suggestions come to us fluently ! What don’t you do for the upliftment of the school ? We pay our heartiest honour and respect to you. We expect your valuable suggestions always.
  • TO THE TEACHERS –O great builders ! O great makers ! You are the real saints on whose feet a number of Ramas and Krishnas bow their heads to become the incarnations. You are unequal, imparallel and unequivalent. All merits go to you. May God bless you with everything because you make our children achieve everything. You are like sailors who donot go across but make others go abroad. We are thankful to you.
  • TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS –Parents/Guardians are expected to co-operate us by enforcing regularity, punctuality, cleanliness, spirituality and sense of discipline in their children. They are requested to look into the school diary every evening and see to it whether the lesson and the homework assigned to the students for the next day are done or not. Remarks made by the principal or the class teacher or the teacher should be seen and signed. They are requested to consult the class teacher in regard to the child’s progress in studies.
  • As you are the parents and guardians of Gyan Bharti Public School, it would not become of you to pressurize us through influential people in connection with admission and promotion.
  • TO STUDENTS – Each student is potentially divine. If you are unable to think that you are the best then think that you are one of the best. You can chew mountains. You can drink oceans. You don’t know what you are. Try to know yourself. Once you know you will never forget your strength. The crown and glory of life is character. Great talkers are never great doers. Slow and steady wins the race. Books are the most faithful of friends. A holiday rightly used will send you back to your work with renewed zest and vigour. Take the time by forelock and success is yours. Time once lost can’t be regained. Time misspent is time lost. Where there is a will there is a way. Believe upon others don’t depend on, go it alone. May you achieve your aim !

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