Lead me, my Lord! From darkness to light. From untruth to truth. From mortality to immortality.

O my Lord! Please stay here. Bless us all. Bless all those who come here and all people everywhere in the world.

Let Nature be your teacher, Enough of science and of Art, Come forth and bring with you a heart, That watches and receives.

Let the noble thoughts come to us from each and every corner of the cosmos.

School Advisory Committee

1 Sri Raj Nandan Jha Chairman  
2 Sri Nand Kishor Yadav Secretary  
3 Sri Jai Kumar Jha Bursar  
4 Sri Lakhan Sah Member Parents of Students
5 Smt Madhu Upadhayay Member +2 MRM high School
6   Member Board Nominee
7   Member Board Nominee
8 Smt. Swati Bhowmik Nandi Member Teacher of the School
9 Sri Jai Kishore Lal Karna Member Teacher of the School
10 Sri Ram Chandra Jha Member Ex Principal +2 High School Bahera, Darbhanga
11 Sri Rudra Kant Jha Member Teacher of the School
12 Sri Ajay Jha Member Parents of Students
13 Sri Kameshwar Purbey Member Ex- Er.
14 Sri Mahavir Yadav Member Social Worker
15 Sri Raj Kumar Choudhary Member Teacher KVS Airfield , DBG
16 Sri Ganesh Prasad Singh Member Principal of the School
17 Sri Chandra Kant Jha Member Teachers Representative
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