Science Laboratory


A science laboratory is set to educate students form class IV to class X, the practical knowledge of physics, Chemistry and Biology. Skilled teachers in different faculties teach the students.

Mathematics Laboratory

A well to do and uptodate laboratory for Mathematics is set to eradicate the concerning darkness from top to toe. Our expert teachers devote their valuable time for the benefit of students. Interested students should consult the incharge.


There is an enriched library in the school premises to help the needy students with books. Students should consult the incharge of library for more details. Some rules and regulations add beauty to it.

Reading Room

There is a reading room in this school as a co-branch of library where different magazines are available to study. Students may take advantage of it. They are directed to meet the incharge for more details.

Examination Department

There is an examination department in the school premises which is controlled by an expert examination controller. Four examinations will be organized to test their abilities. Progress reports are given to students. The controller decides to take such an amount from each student so that examination may go well.

Games and Sports

Games and sports have an important place in our life. A sound mind dwells in a sound body. Thus our school manages different games and sports. Three toppers from each and every game are awarded with testimonials on the occasion of annual function. Our students win different shields in different games organized elsewhere. An in-charge manages everything.

Scout and Guide

To cultivate patriotism each and every student is blessed with the training of scout and guide by out trained teachers. Sometimes our school conducts educational tours to make students aware of not only India’s rich culture but also means of transport taking place rapidly. There are two in-charges of this department one from male teachers and another from ladies. Students have to deposit the proper amount.

National Security and Child Psychology

India is unique in the world in the sphere of bravery, tolerance, and selflessness. Our scholars and our warriors are always ready to sacrifice their everything. Our children are not a bit less than they. Mother India is their God and they can offer their heads on her feet and at the same moment they can chop off others head also.

Dance, Music and entertainment department

The great muse awarded us dance, music, and education to us. In this regard, our school has opened such a department as can be where students can contact their teachers to acquire mastery over different musical instruments and other skills. There is an expert incharge who manages it very well. Students should contact the incharge for more details.

Literature society

The literature society of our school has been spreading its light since long. The incharge of this society manages its norms very well. Generally, a speech contest is organized the time to time under group A, B, C and D for students of IX and X, VII and VIII, V and VI and III and IV respectively. The toppers are awarded with Bharti Ratna, Bhartishree, Bhartiprabha and Bhartikiran respectively. Besides it, the society chooses announcers also. The announcers are awarded with “Vani-Samman” Besides testimonials students are given some prizes also.

Drawing Department

Our school has managed an incharge who can guide our children about the drawing skills. Lines, straight and curve drawn on a sheet paper express us much. Silence speaks louder. Students should consult the incharge for more details.

Environment department

On one hand we are welcoming science and on the other we are unknowingly welcoming pollution. What of undeveloped and what of developing even the developed countries are digging their tombs themselves. Although they are taking some reformative steps also yet they are not enough. In this regard our school has established an environment department and deputed an incharge who can guide our student wisefully.

Science fair/exhibition

A science fair/exhibition is organized on the occasion of any auspicious day to promote our children so that interest towards science may develop. We frame three or four groups so that our organization may go smoothly. Three awards namely Chandra Shekhar Venkat Raman award, Jagdish Chandra Bose award and Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha award are given to each group. Incharges pay their best attention so that the fair/exhibition may go well.

Festival department

Many festivals are organized on the occasion of Annual Function, Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day. Hindi Diwas, Prem Chanda Jayanti, Tulsi Jayanti, Guru Purnima, Shahid Diwas, Science Day, Sanskrit-Diwas, Desharatna Jayanti and others. Entertainment Department pays its most valuable time by organizing dance, music, one-act play, fancy-dress competition and others. Students participate in different programmes and participants are awarded. Tansen Award for music and Nataraj Award for dance add much beauty to it. An incharge deputed for this purpose manages everything.

Home science department

Our school has managed an expert incharge for home science department who trains our girl-students in other besides study. Girls are trained in domestic works also. Girls are taught thus so that they may stand on their own feet.

Poor Boys’ Fund

Childhood is a boon. We are determined to teach each child. Our school has established such a “Fund” as can help a poor and meritorious student in his or her studies. There is an incharge of it who plays his vital role so that the childhood may bloom and blossom.

Computer Education

Today the computer education is essential. We have to create a scientific view so that our children may become Newton, Einstein, Aryabhatta, Jagdhish Chandra Bose, Chandra Shekhar Venkat Raman and others. That’s why we have managed computer course in education. We hope that this education would multiply our children’s qualities.

Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities

Many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are arranged to make our children extrovert smart and confident to face all the difficult situations in life.


Education is the foundation stone of humanity. Taking child psychology in view we have framed monthly courses of study under the Central Board of Secondary Education Curriculum. Students should consult their subject teachers for more details.

Other facilities

The School provides indoor games, dance rooms and music rooms for the betterment of your wards. It also provides health and medical checkup on regular basis.


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