Lead me, my Lord! From darkness to light. From untruth to truth. From mortality to immortality.

O my Lord! Please stay here. Bless us all. Bless all those who come here and all people everywhere in the world.

Let Nature be your teacher, Enough of science and of Art, Come forth and bring with you a heart, That watches and receives.

Let the noble thoughts come to us from each and every corner of the cosmos.

Other Goals

  • Literacy-movement-Literacy is the root cause of every misfortune. If you have learnt anything well, teach them to others very well. Our school inspires our children to enlighten the light of education everywhere it is needed. We water the roots not the branches and the leaves.
  • Tree Plantation –Trees are green gold. They purify air, give shade, timber, fire-wood, fruits, flowers and oxygen. They make the atmosphere colourful, please the eyes and give joy to the heart. Our children are taught to plant at least one tree on their birthdays.
  • Saving scheme –Requirements are endless. Do not be extravagant. Follow – “simple living and high thinking.” A coin saved is a coin earned. Fortunately our English block has a bank where our children can deposit their saved money.
  • Service Scheme –Spirituality lies in service to all. We help the helpless, the poor, the sick, the disabled, the flood victims and others. We inspire our children to serve man and mankind as they would serve God. Let the needy be your God.
  • Beautifying Scheme –We want to change this world into a paradise. Truth lies at the bottom of a well. Thus wells must be neat and clean. In the same way our environment must be beautified. So we teach our children not to throw wastes here and there. They are evoked to beautify everything wherever necessary. A rotten potato would rot the rest. So beware of rotten things. Cleanliness is the another name of God.
  • Vocational Guidance –To compete in the cut throat competitive age of today, we make them competent everyway. We teach them the importance of self-employment, self-satisfaction and self-dependency. Science is much more powerful than the Aladin’s Lamp so we inspire our children to do unheard.
  • Mutual Education scheme –We inspire our children to encourage each other and one-another. A great deal of talent is lost in the world for want of little courage. It is the same spirit that exists in all people so we treat all equally. Be and make. To any one who wishes to amend one’s life there is no time like the present. We train up a child in the way he or she should go by mutual co-operation. For this one group of students talks to another. Practice makes a man perfect. Be direct. Be simple, Be natural. Be yourself.

Other Goals

Lives of great men all remind us,
We can make our lives sublime;
And, departing, leave behind us,
Footprints, on the sands of time.

Gyan Bhartians are to raise this school upto that height where it may become the ideal of others so that we may fill up the universe with many Arjunas, Aryabhattas, Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyas, Ravindra Nath Tagores, Newtons, Einsteins, Dhyanchands, Dhanarajs, Sachins and others.

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