Lead me, my Lord! From darkness to light. From untruth to truth. From mortality to immortality.

O my Lord! Please stay here. Bless us all. Bless all those who come here and all people everywhere in the world.

Let Nature be your teacher, Enough of science and of Art, Come forth and bring with you a heart, That watches and receives.

Let the noble thoughts come to us from each and every corner of the cosmos.

Scholastic Goal

Generally each and every Indian student is fearful thinking English, a tough subject. Actually it is not so but it seems so due to some psychological reasons as they are habituated of speaking in Hindi or the language in which their parents talk. It is surveyed that no other language is as easy as English. If one starts to express one’s ideas in English as one can, being very bold, one can certainly speak fluently in the same. William Shakespeare started the stream, Alexander Pope watered it, William Blake softened it. John Milton enriched it. William Wordsworth ornamented it and Indian writers gave it a heavenly delight.

This school stands to harmonize all view points. Our teachers hold magical power of teaching so this school has been propogating similar ideas with the blazing light of universal harmony that has been flooding the whole world right from its inception. They facilitate active learning making it creative and pleasant so that our children may think reason out and take decisions and apply their wisdom to life situations.

We enable our children to relate to God and experience Him in their daily life to inculcate love to all, irrespective of caste, culture, religion and sex. We provide different opportunities to cultivate different skills to meet new challenges.
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